I am pleased to have the opportunity to offer your sons pottery next year, and look forward to meeting our future engineers, architects and creative giants!

Not only do they take home 7 or 8 fired pieces each term, but also engage in a therapeutic process which extends and enriches their experience and understanding of themselves and their world. My lessons usually begin with a story and initially we work together as a group. It is here that fine motor skills, auditory and visual memory, hand-eye co-ordination and listening skills are hard at work. Slowly as our creations emerge there is more freedom for individual interpretation. My lessons are creative and fun while they are informed and inspired by my experience in Special Education and early development.

Signing up for pottery reserves your son’s place for the year. However, please let me know before the end of a term if he would not like to continue in the following term, so I can allow someone on the waiting list to join us.

(please note: If I have not received an email to cancel for the following term, fees for that term will be charged)

Bookings are made directly with me. Classes are filled on a 1st come first served basis, and a waiting list thereafter.

TO BOOK: Contact Dale on email only


GR R: 12.30pm - 13.15pm

2nd Session

GR R & 1: 13.15pm - 14pm

3rd Session

GR 1 & 2: 14.00pm - 14:45pm

Gr N classes take place on a Monday OR Thursday 12.15pm-13.00pm


(R800 per term 2019) ARE DUE IN THE 1ST WEEK OF TERM

Banking Details:

(E.F.T.s: ref. child’s name

Acc. 270618805

Please do call if you would like to discuss anything!