\ Bishops Preparatory School

Physical Education

Once per week Ann van Niekerk comes to take our Physical Education lessons.  These are well planned with a general theme or objective which she aims to achieve during the lesson.  Ann has been in close contact too with the occupational therapist who has also shared some ideas for example improving the children’s awareness of themselves in space and for crossing the midline.  The boys thoroughly enjoy the activities where they are all actively involved and which require them to listen and follow instructions carefully.  Ann is assisted by the class teacher and a stooge from the Prep school.  This enables the boys to work in small groups.  They can be more carefully monitored and they also have plenty of opportunity to be kept busy during the lessons.  When weather doesn’t allow for the group to be outside Ann has discussed various important topics such as ‘Acceptance’ – something which we all desire.  Through these lessons the boys are learning to accept each others weaknesses and strengths including their own.