24 Februry 2017
Dear  Parents


I read a very interesting article by Rick Johnson this week called What boys need to learn to become good men.  Besides being most interesting, I thought it would be good to summarise the points he refers to.  You can do more research on your own.  RIck mentions the following important characteristics that we should grow in our boys:

Perseverance -  Few things worth doing are ever easy.  Boys must learn to persevere in the face of adversity now if they are to succeed later during even tougher seasons of life.  Perseverance is probably one of the toughest things for parents to teach their boys.  It requires them to resist the urge to rescue their sons when they are struggling.

Trustworthiness - Talk to your son about what being able to trust someone means to you.  If you have trouble trusting due to past experiences, discuss it with him so he can understand how important trustworthiness is and how damaging it can be when violated.

Courage - Teach your son to lead courageously, to stand by his convictions even when they may result in pain, sorrow or negative consequences.  Someday he will lead his own family.  Your son needs the courage to continue to do what is right even when those around him are calling for him to compromise;  the courage to stand by his convictions in the face of overwhelming criticism.

Compassion - A man should defend those who cannot defend themselves.  Teach your boy early in life the nobility of protecting the weak and helpless.

Self-discipline and self-control - These are different yet inexplicably interwoven.  Self-discipline is doing something we don't want to do but should.  Self-control is not doing something we want to but shouldn't.  The lack of one or both of these character traits sinks more men and destroys more lives than any other character deficit.  Self-discipline and self-control are inner strengths a man develops over time with exercise, like a muscle.   How does a boy develop self-discipline and self-control?   He develops them by being held accountable for his actions.

Honesty - One of the hardest things for us is to admit when they have done something wrong.   While that's probably not earth-shattering news to you, be aware that boys struggle with the same natural inclination.   Let your son know that you expect honesty from him at all times, even when he has made bad choices - then model that behavior yourself.   A man who is honest with himself is honest with others.  Little white lies to protect someone's feelings are not necessarily innocent.   The art of diplomacy and good manners will serve your son better than a small lie.

May we all work hard as a team to develop these characteristics in all those boys who are blessed to be at Bishops.

The highlight of the week most defiantely was the opening of our new Grade N wing, along with all the other new and revamped areas.   We had the most magical evening with honoured guests, staff and parents, sharing in this momentous occasion.   Mr Mike Bosman addressed us along with Mr Brown and Mr Pearson.  Father Wilke blessed the buildings and it was great to be able to show everyone our new and exciting learning spaces.


The grade R boys went on an adventure filled outing to Greenpoint Park this week.  Despite the hot weather, they all had a wonderful time and could not stop speaking about all their exciting experiences.  These outings are always an important part of their learning as boys in particular, love to be able to learn through experiences.  Thank you to all the parents who helped with lifting. 

All afternoon summer sport will end on Friday 24 March.  We will send out the Winter sport selection forms towards the end of the term where you can select sport for Term 2 and 3.  Please remember the same selections you made in Term 1 will apply to Term 4 except chess for Grade R.  Morning swimming and gross motor classes continue during the morning until the end of the term.


Our annual fun sports day will take place on 29 March @ 16:00.  We trust that this is enough notice for parents to be available to join us for some fun and games and end off with a lovely family picnic on our fields.  More details to follow in the next few weeks.   All boys will be participating so please diarise this date so as not to miss the festivities.


2 Mar Quadrangular Gala WPPS (boys swimming will be notified)
3 Mar Prep Sports Day (boys running will be notified)
10 Mar Family chapel service - all parents and families invited @ 08:30
17 Mar Bishops Prep Carnival: 16:00 - 22:00   Be prepared for huge festivities!!
24 Mar Last day of summer afternoon sport
29 Mar 16:00 Fun Athletics and picnic

Our school very generously collected over 550 deoderants to be delivered this week.  We hope to be able to fill our notice board with pictures of their delivery. 


The response to our bag collection was equally as generous with over 100 bags collected.  These are also ready for delivery next week.   What excitement to be able to share in uplifting our community and those less fortunate than ourselves.


Please also remember to send a spare sandwich or a piece of fruit on a Tuesday if you are able.  Our donations are very appreciated as this is often the only snack some children have throughout the day.


We will be doing a easter egg collection of strips of easter eggs within the next few weeks so if you see some in the supermarkets, feel free to purchase in advance.  Your donations are always so happily recieved.  More information around this collection will be in the newsletter next week.

Our coffee connections on 3 March has been postponed.  Please keep an eye out for further details and an alternate date.


The boys will attend a short Ash Wednesday ceremony in the Chapel on Wednesday.  This is only for the boys but a great opportunity to speak to your son about the occasion and the symbolism involved in this celebration.


Thank you to the parents who are attending our prayer group on a Thursday morning @ 07:30 in the library.  Please feel free to join our dynamic team who are actively praying for our boys, families and our school.  For more information contact Mr Woolls on jwoolls@bishops.org.za


Mrs Rudston will be away next week and we welcome Mrs Mary Ann Syfret back to take her place.  The boys all know Mrs Syfret, she was here last year during Mrs Osborne's maternity leave.

For any enquiries, please contact crheeder@bishops.org.za

Please take heed that this year there has unfortunately been a general increase in incidents of theft at Bishops and at most of the schools in our area.  With the level of activity on all our campuses you will appreciate that this is a very difficult area to police. Please ensure that you have your new blue (parent) access disks displayed on your windscreen by 01 March 2017. We will be shortening the open gate time and will be stopping all vehicles without disks.  In addition we will be randomly asking visitors to Bishops to confirm the purpose of their visit and we will not let people use our facilities without prior approval.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused and ask that you work with us in managing the safety of our boys and assets.


Bishops Trust:  Update on the 175 Campaign



We are incredibly grateful for the support we have received since the launch of the 175 Campaign in November 2016.


November is generally a very busy time of year so we are very appreciative of the effort made to attend the launch.  To date we have raised in excess of R26 million so thank you to all the generous donors that have contributed thus far. 


In addition, 9 boys are currently funded by Bishops families or businesses via the Extra Term Initiative.  By assisting with one term’s school fees annually for five years, benefactors are providing a life changing opportunity to these boys – thank you.


Education remains a key challenge in South Africa and has a direct bearing on the current skills needs in various facets of the local economy.  There is a wonderful opportunity to contribute meaningfully in this regard and assist with educating our boys who we hope will become tomorrow’s leaders and contributors to society.  Bishops continuously strives to be a leading centre of modern learning within a local and global framework and we require your support.


The 175 Campaign is an appeal to the whole Bishops community including OD’s, current and past parents as well as staff and even the current students at the school.  We ask you all to participate in this great initiative now and into the future to keep Bishops a relevant, well rounded and outstanding centre of education, producing gentlemen that can contribute meaningfully in their own circles of influence and in turn support Bishops in the future.


Please note that bona fide donations to the Bishops Trust are eligible for a Section 18A Tax Exemption Certificate. Any donation received before the end of February 2017 allows a deduction in the 2017 tax year. Please read here for additional              

information on the tax benefits.


If you would like to find out more about The Bishops Trust 175 Campaign, please do not hesitate to contact Nikki Matthews at the Trust Office. 




175 Campaign Brochure


Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Head of Pre-Prep

Bishops Pre-Preparatory School: Sandown Road, Rondebosch 7700 | Tel: +27 21 659 1037/47