25 June 215

Dear  Parents


We have come to the end of another term, and are half way through the school year.  We can look forward to it getting lighter in the mornings and the beautiful sunrises that greet us across the field each morning.  We have so much to be grateful for and we look forward to spending many happy hours with your boys in the terms to come.  Well done to all the boys on all they have achieved this term.  It is so exciting to see how they have matured and developed over the past few months. 


We have a challenging few weeks ahead, with a huge production of The Jungle Book to look forward to.  Despite all the added practice, so many valuable lessons are learnt during productions such as these, many that cannot be measured, but are rather banked in the memories of the boys, for years to come. Thank you for all the support in making sure your boys attend the extra rehearsals and to those who are enthusiastically helping with sets and costumes.


Goodness but we have been overwhelmed by the number of knitted squares we have collected from the parents and boys at the Pre-prep. We are in desperate need of some more enthusiastic hands to sew the blankets together during the holidays.  If you are able to do so, please can you contact Tasneem Arnold -  tasneemarnold786@gmail.com


We look forward to the wonderful production of The Jungle Book in August.  You would have received a letter about the finer details of this exciting production.  Tickets will be on sale early next term so get in early to secure your seats.

We congratulate Elijah Bouwers, Ross Jenman, Michael Ressell and Conor Day on successfully completing Africorder Level 1 in music.

I neglected to include the results of the last cross country run this term.  The route was nice and flat and the weather superb. The hosts were Wynberg Boys Junior and Wynberg Girls Junior. It was held at Youngsfield Military Base in Ottery. Our runners did well and we congratulate the following boys who did well in the U7 and U8 age groups respectively.


U7: Michael Mafunda: Reeve Tuscher; Sam Bey; Liam Hacking; Alexander Beach

U8: Rowan Piorkowski: Cameron Joubert; Jean de Villiers; Connor Fletcher; Ryan Voight


We had a fabulous mini Tag Rugby tournament last Friday.  There were many excited boys to play and a wonderful turnout of parents to watch.  Thank you to the boys for showing great sportsmanship and to the PA for running the tuckshop.  We look forward to our final Tag Rugby tournament at the end of Term 3, where the Grade R boys are invited to come along and join in with some of the games and parents to join the festivities and enjoy the celebrations at the end of the season. 


The days that boys wear whites to school stay the same in Term 3.


21 July 2015

School begins @ 08:00 and ends @ 12:00. Boys to wear Khaki's please.

20 August 2015

Talk to Parents by EMMA SADLIER


This talk is for parents and teachers covering the following:

  • the social media landscape in South Africa
  • the legal considerations of using social media, including defamation, privacy, hate speech and intellectual property
  • cyberbullying and harassment
  • sexting and pornography offences
  • the disciplinary consequences of using social media (can you be expelled from school?)
  • personal reputation management on social media (can your online content compromise potential scholarships, admission to university and future employment)
  • online safety. More information about this exciting evening to follow next term

24 September 2015

Public Holiday - Heritage Day


25 September 2015

School Holiday

26 October 2015

Bishops Cricket Annual Golf Day @ Steenberg Golf Course

For more information please contact marketing@bishops.org.za



While we as a school understand that sometimes missing school at the beginning or end of a term is unavoidable, it is rather alarming when so many boys are missing from classes at one time. We can understand a day or two but some boys miss the last two weeks of the term or the first week or so of the new term, which makes it incredibly difficult for teachers.  Work that is done during this time is not work that can be sent home to be completed as a lot of it is the consolidation of concepts which are done orally, in small groups or individually.  Teaching continues until the last day of the term and starts on the first day back, and although it is carefully disguised as fun activities, they are extremely important days of the year. This type of work cannot be completed or caught up a home. Please can we ask that you make appropriate holiday arrangements within the allotted school holiday times.  I think this is a reasonable request considering there are at least 10 weeks of school holidays throughout the year for family vacations/travels. 

Items Found:


A Black cloth book bag with the word "Wallpaper*" on it containing a book "Thumbelina" with the number 7d on it;

A Golf Club "Kidpower 51 - 35 (130 - 80) was handed in;

A Samsung Memory Card (in a little plastic bag) was picked up in the Art Room.

A pair of readers (blue metal frames with coral arms) has been handed in.

These items are available from Nicky's office.


Academic Reports:


Reports for Grade 1 and 2 boys will be available online on myBishopsLife. To access your son's report, please log into myBishopsLife via the Pre Prep website or via the myBishopsLife link at the top of this newsletter. Academic reports can be found under the Academic menu on your son's profile. If you have not already registered for Pre Prep myBishopsLife, please do so immediately. Please note that Prep myBishopsLife is a separate system to Pre Prep myBishopsLife. If you have sons at both schools, you will need to register for both sites and access their reports separately. These reports can only be viewed from 10:30 today.

Grade R reports will be sent home with the boys today.  If any Grade R boys were not at school to receive their reports, they may be collected from Mrs van Zyl at the Pre-prep office on the first day of the new term, 21 July 2015.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday and we look forward to an exciting, action packed term 3!


Yours sincerely

Head of Pre-Prep

Bishops Pre-Preparatory School: Sandown Road, Rondebosch 7700 | Tel: +27 21 659 1037/47