31 July 2015

Dear  Parents


Despite the bitterly cold mornings and countless cups of coffee, we have had a hugely successful week!  I need to acknowledge and thank ALL those who have been involved in the knitting project that has now come to an end.  We have collected thousands of squares over the past few weeks (and encouraged many mums to revisit their childhood and school days and in so doing, revive their love of knitting).  The friends that have helped and sewn blankets together are also to be thanked. On Monday we delivered 50 of our blankets to the Mowbray Maternity home and today we handed over 40 blankets to Camille from Little Libraries who will distribute to rural crèche and day care centres.  She will send some photographs of her handover which I will share on the website for you all to view.


Our production of The Jungle Book Kids looks amazing.  We are in full swing with rehearsals in the theatre and the excitement is growing. By now, you would all have had an opportunity to purchase your tickets.  Extra tickets will be on sale from Monday so if you need more than your allocation, you may purchase them in the Art room from 7.15am. The costume mums have been absolutely fantastic.  The fitting, sewing and hanging of costumes has been done with such attention to detail.


Mr Hampton popped in for a visit on Monday, sharing a lovely message of God's love with the boys. The boys were excited to catch up with him and we hope he will visit again soon.  Please be reminded about JAM (Jesus and Me) on a Thursday morning at 7.30am for the boys.  Parents are welcome to join the adults in the staff room for a weekly prayer meeting at this time.


Noah Souter
For helpfulness around the classroom.


Alexander Beach

For an enthusiastic start to the new term.

Sam Bey

For telling super holiday news.

Shazad Khan

For good expressive reading.

Vanchesco Freddy

For his good fluent reading.

Zak Ndindwa

For his good bond work.

Luc Schluter

For starting the third term like a superstar.

Luka Lehmann

For his bright smiles and positive attitude in the mornings.

Michael Bailes

For making such an effort in his fantastic holiday news writing.


Matthew Maurel

For fantastic holiday news writing.


Luke Aberdein

For all the effort he puts into his work both at school and at home.


Andoni Augoustatos

For thinking about his classmates and bringing us treats all the way from Greece.


We are also very proud of our gentlemen this week.  Well done and keep up the good manners!


Grade 1H

Grade 1M

Grade 1vB

Jack Baptista-Horne

Alexander Beach

Campbell Chuter

Noah Coleman

Nicholas Dorrington

Murray Finch

James Gordon

Liam Hacking

Joshua Huntingford

Cameron Joubert

Marcus Krige

Naethan Mol

Finn Moran

Athenkosi Nqayi

Mark Patterson

Jordan Planting

Emre Senol

Jack Stewart

Tristan Thirion

Hong-Jhen Chang

Leo Cobbledick

Joe Lanning

Matthew Leck

Kaan Numanoglu

Sebastian Robbertse

Hayden Smith

John van den Heever

Alexander Wallace


Daniel Heyneke

Leo Cowan

Keegan Rinquest

Matthias Scheder-Bieschen


Grade 2LF

Grade 2HF

Grade 2AO

Jack Gomes

Alexandros Laspatzis

Andaman Schierenberg

Akshay Thakersee

John van der Watt

Michael Viljoen

Matthew Walker

Michael Bailes

Luca Bottega

Liam Chester

Noah Macnab

Matthew Maurel

Matthew Owen

Katlego Setai

Daniel van den Heever


Our full sport programme started this week.  Please be reminded that boys need takkies and gum-guards to be allowed onto the astro for hockey. Shin pads are a very good option as well. Boys who cannot attend a practise, please need to excuse themselves verbally or via an email from parents.  If boys do not have the correct kit for any particular activity, they will not be allowed to participate in the game and will have to sit and watch.  Many tag boys are wearing the incorrect t-shirt and will have to sit out from next week as well.


20 August 2015

Emma Sadleir - Social and Media Expert (Talk presented by Bishops Prep PA)

26 October 2015

Bishops Cricket Annual Golf Day @ Steenberg Golf Course

For more information please contact marketing@bishops.org.za


I have been inundated with requests to leave school a few days before or after the school holidays.  Whilst we would like to accommodate all parents who wish either to take advantage of cheaper flights or for other reasons, it is incredibly disruptive for both the teachers and the boys when they are not at school. With the number of school holidays we already have, we politely ask that you work within these parameters and make arrangements during the suggested holidays and not a few days before or after.  Parents also get agitated because teachers do not want to give work to do whilst away but please understand that it is the instructional time that these boys miss out on and this type of interaction cannot be replaced by worksheets, readers and workbooks.

Children are great imitators so give them something to imitate - very thought provoking and true statement to ponder over.  Whilst we are always full of good advice, how many times do we set a good example by the way we act/react to situations? Matt Walsh says Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest in the world to do. ...  So why not make a huge effort to set a good example and "do" it well?  Imagine how wonderful the new generation of boys will be that fly from under our wings.

Wishing you a blessed weekend

Yours sincerely,

Head of Pre-Prep

Bishops Pre-Preparatory School: Sandown Road, Rondebosch 7700 | Tel: +27 21 659 1037/47