17 April 2015

Dear Parents


Welcome back to a new and exciting term at Bishops Pre-Prep.  A quick reminder about uniforms: from 1 May all boys are to wear winter uniforms to school (long sleeved shirt, shorts, tie and long grey socks with lace up shoes).  A jersey should be brought to school every day regardless of the weather, either in their bag or worn to school. A track suit may be worn over the uniform so that it may be removed during the day as it gets warmer. Please can we ask that all items of uniform are clearly marked, particularly shoes and socks.  Hats are still to be worn outside every day. Please also make sure that your son has short, neat hair.


We have many outings in the next week or two.  Please remember to send a sensible lunch box.  A slab of chocolate, whole box of biscuits or a big packet of chips is not regarded as part of a “snack with a little treat”  Please make sure your drinking bottles can be closed with a lid.  A spare bottle of water is also a good idea to send along.


Our Easter egg campaign was mind-blowing! Goodness me I have not seen a pile of Easter eggs grow quite so quickly and we literally spent the whole of the first week of the holidays delivering eggs to the needy.  You have no idea how happily they were received and we thank you once again for your generosity.  We have received numerous letter of thanks which I have put on the notice board in the passage, thanking you all for your donations.  At the end of the term each boy was given two eggs to kindly give away.  We hope that they did so happily and were blessed with the same feeling of joyfulness as the recipient was.


On 23 March we put up lists to sign your boys up for winter sports and activities.  I am amused at how many people claim to have not known about this process.  It was clearly stated in the newsletter and thereafter in a separate email to all parents.  We expect our boys to follow fair protocol but we are constantly inundated by parents who just want “a little favour” to push him in or just “add him to the list”.  Please understand that for safety and security reasons, there are only a limited number of places in any particular group activity.  Besides that, the manpower and learning opportunity is severely compromised when there are too many children in a group.  Please may I ask that this rule be respected? Teachers are not permitted to extend the group or push any boy in on parents’ requests.  There are many, many activities offered for your boys and we only have a limited number of teachers to facilitate these groups. If your child has not been accommodated in any particular activity, please find some other alternate choice from the variety offered on the sport timetable.


Sport begins on Monday 20 April.  Please ensure that your son is familiar with what sport he is involved in and where you will fetch him.  A reminder that any children not collected after a particular activity will need to go to aftercare for security purposes.  We are not permitted to leave children unattended outside, waiting to be collected.


We are very excited to invite you to join us on Monday 20 April (18:30 for 19:00) to a talk entitled “Parenting on the Run” presented by parenting expert Nikki Bush.  She comes highly recommended and we encourage you to attend her presentation.  She has wonderful practical ideas to share with you. Books will be on sale at the event:


Parents today are busy.  Being able to parent creatively – on the run – makes your parenting journey easier and much more fun.  Nikki Bush introduces the concept of cheating time and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, helping parents to give away the guilt they so often feel. 


Details from Tasneem Arnold at tasneemarnold786@gmail.com or SMS 083 2888 172 to book your place.  Tickets are R100 and include light refreshments. 


Our new project…..Knitting – why would we embark on such a challenge? Just look at the benefits and you will see why:


  • Math! It teaches basic and complicated math. (Patterning, counting, skip counting, multiplication, division, subtraction, adding, and probably things I don't know about ... );
  • how to read and understand a pattern/instructions and to use reasoning and visualization skills to make the finished product;
  • fine and gross motor skills. The mobility and dexterity required for knitting helps improve brain function according to one study
    problem solving skills... All the knitters say "Amen!";
  • studies on knitting have concluded that it helps children to learn to read better because it requires a left to right and/or circular process;
  • helps children to maintain focus and attentiveness. It is also calming and repetitive;
  • helps improve a child's personal image and attitude toward achieving a new skill;
  • children can learn about the different materials and how they originate: wool, cotton, acrylic, bamboo, silk, fleece, etc;
  • It is a purposeful and tactile way to improve all of the above skills and abilities!!! That in itself is priceless!


Remember the squares are 30 stitches, size 4 needles, double knit wool.  Knitted into a square.


Mr Woolls started the JAM (Jesus and Me) group at 07:30 on a Thursday morning. Please encourage your son to join in (Gr 1 and 2). This is an ideal opportunity for parents (during the same time) to join us in the staff room for a prayer meeting.  Please feel free to come along as it is a small group where we pray for the school and the community.


Sadly, Karin Mihalik, mother of Daniel in Grade 1, died tragically during the school holidays. We extend our deepest sympathy to Peter, Daniel and Cassidy and all their family and friends. Please treat this situation sensitively and keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.


Thank you to those parents who are adopting the “drop and go” system at school in the mornings.  There are still quite a few hovering parents who are finding the parting a little trickier.  If you know any of them, please pass on the message!


Lost Property: Kaan Numanoglu (Gr 1M) lost his wet bag containing his whites and takkies (clearly marked) - at the end of last term. Please could you check whether your son has not inadvertently taken this home.


Wishing you all a wonderful start to the term.  May load shedding not affect you too much this weekend.

20 April  -     Grade 1 NM outing (World of Birds)

                     Nicky Bush talk “Parenting on the Run” Jagger Hall, Duke Road @ 6.30pm

21 April -      Grade 1 AvB outing (World of Birds)                

                     Grade 2 LF outing (Oranjezicht City Farm)

22 April -      Grade 2 HF outing (Oranjezicht City Farm)

23 April -      Grade 1 RH outing (World of Birds)

                     Grade 2 AO outing (Oranjezicht City Farm)

                     07:30 Jam and Parent Prayer Meeting

27 April -      No school – Freedom Day

Yours sincerely,

Head of Pre-Prep

Bishops Pre-Preparatory School: Sandown Road, Rondebosch 7700 | Tel: +27 21 659 1037/47 | Email: preprep@bishops.org.za