5 May 2017

Dear  Parents


The holidays are behind us as we have settled into our new term, with new routines. The change from winter to summer sports always has a few hiccups and the storm this past week was one of them! With all the long weekends also over now, we can settle into some full 5-day weeks and a less interrupted term.


An enormous thank you to all boys and parents for your contribution to our pet food collection. Our kitties here on campus will be well fed and the dog food was donated to a very, very happy KAWS who do amazing work with rescue animals.  A total amount of R3000 cash was also collected and will be donated to a worthy cause that deals with animals.

The Grade 2 boys have been thoroughly enjoying Loving Maths held on a Tuesday morning (7.15am - 7.45am) in the library.   Should you have any queries or still want to join, please sign up online at www.livingmaths.com  As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, there is a charge for this group.

Our first tag rugby for Grade 1 and 2 will start today.   Please let boys come to school in their tag kit, with takkies, socks and a full tracksuit if it is chilly.  Remember our first Saturday tag session will only be on 13 May from 8 - 9 am.  You may park in the parking area near our new hall and enter from the small gate.  We will use the field outside the Grade R classrooms.

All sport is well underway. Please note that should the weather be unsuitable, boys WILL BE SUPERVISED BY THE COACHES for the duration of the session and you may fetch at the usual time. They will go through some theory of the sport and should the weather clear, be able to go out and continue the practice as usual.  We do not cancel sport so there is no need to call to find out if the particular sport will continue, as they will have an indoor session.

8 May


Gr 2 Mrs Fry will visit Oranjezicht Farm.

Gr R Mrs van Zyl will visit the Fire Station.

9 May

Loving Maths for Gr 2's who have joined this group from 07:15 in the Library.

Gr R Mrs Merrick will visit the Fire Station.

10 May

Gr R Mrs Nolte will visit the Fire Station.

13 May

1st Saturday Tag session.  08:00 - 09:00

Preparation for our school play is well underway. Thank you to all those who responded positively to assist in some way, however there are still a lot of areas in which we need assistance. If you did not respond, please would you kindly do so, the link sent in the original email is still active or please contact Mrs Swanich at dswanich@bishops.org.za and she will be in touch with you. Please do not forget to diarise the Saturday rehearsals (as per my previous newsletters) as these are important days for boys to be confident when on stage on the night of the productions. The whole cast is involved in the Saturday morning rehearsals.

As I mentioned previously, the change over into winter uniform has been a little delayed. Please note that we will not enforce this rule until the weather is a little more predictable. All boys must either wear full winter or full summer uniform until further notice. As parents, keep an eye on the forecast and help them dress accordingly.  A reminder that a jersey and hat should be accessible to them at all times. Boys may still come dressed in their afternoon sport kit as well until the water shortage has been alleviated.


The latest edition of the Bishops magazine is accessible via the following link: http://www.bishops.org.za/magazine


If anyone would like to supply flowers for our foyer once or twice during the year kindly contact Helen Harvey on email: helenharvey1404@gmail.com or message her on 0834 555 373.

Please contact Catherine Rheedercrheeder@bishops.org.za for further information.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with your families. A reminder to those who are knitting squares, please keep going.  Size 4 needles, 30 stitches, 60 rows with double knit wool should make a nice square. About 25 squares make a lovely little blanket.  Please keep knitting!  You may drop squares off at the office or stitch them up yourselves.

Yours sincerely,

Head of Pre-Prep

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