4 August 2017

Dear  Parents


Another week has flown by.  Your beautiful boys are all growing up so fast and it is so lovely to hear the laughter and chatter in and around the school.  Some are a little anxious about the upcoming production and need some extra TLC.  We will continue to reassure and encourage them on a daily basis.  I can assure you that you will be exceptionally proud after you have seen them on stage later in the month.

The academic staff from all 3 schools attended a staff conference at the start of this term to engage on two topics: The Rainbow Nation Conundrum: Negotiating Privilege and Inclusivity in a post-apartheid era and “Man-Up”: Manhood and Masculinity in a boy’s school context. This was an extremely worthwhile conference with some significant testimonies from staff who represent minority groups.  These conversations have been on-going and will continue in the future.

Although all afternoon sport has started, we will only commence with Saturday morning tag in September.  In the meantime, boys are excited to be able to get out onto the fields between the bouts of rain and get rid of their energy.


Last night we had a very interesting talk by Justin Durant from the Sport Science Institute.  His address was: early vs late specialization in sport.  He highlighted the importance of allowing children to participate in a variety of sports rather than specialise in one as well as the danger of pushing children to specialise too early.  His address was most interesting and thought provoking, confirming our thinking at Bishops.

Wednesday, 9 Aug

Public Holiday - National Woman's Day

Ticket sales have finally opened: you may purchase them at the school shop.  Please note that it is cash only and be advised that they do sell out quickly. R75 per ticket.  There will be a tuckshop and coffee cart available to purchase goodies before the show.  If there are still any parents who are willing to assist with makeup on the night, please contact Mrs Osborne: to offer your assistance.



A friendly reminder that all boys need to have a school jersey and hat at school every day.  Please could we ask that you check that all items of clothing as well as lunch boxes and water bottles are clearly marked as our lost property seems to be piling up quickly.  We require boys to please wear shoes and socks when arriving or leaving the premises.  Please can we ask that you help us by reminding your son when you fetch him.

Please contact Mrs Rheeder: for further enquiries.

We still have quite a few knitted squares to be sewn up into blankets.  If there are any parents who are able to help sew them together, your assistance would be appreciated.   Please chat to Nicky at the office.


We are collecting any winter school shoes to donate to a worthy cause.  Please feel free to send them to school for us to distribute.


In a previous newsletter I advised parents about the pet food donation and money collected on our civvies day.  We have since donated some money to SPCA and some to the sterilisation of the feral cats on the property.  The food was distributed to various animal shelters and some for our wildcat population at Bishops.


Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Head of Pre-Prep

Bishops Pre-Preparatory School: Sandown Road, Rondebosch 7700 | Tel: +27 21 659 1037/47