3 March 2017

Dear  Parents


With Valentine’s Day and many boxes of chocolates being displayed on the shelves, I was reminded of what it is like to open such a selection on a tray, that mystery hiding beneath the lid that one is always so eager to remove, to expose the contents.  This got me comparing such a selection to the little boys we have in our care.  Each priceless, unique, decorated differently and with so many hidden talents all fitted snugly together in one little tray.  I imagined the teacher as the indentented plastic, that protects these different little chocolates, stops them from crashing in to one another, stops them from becoming squashed and helping each to stay as perfect as they were created.  The teacher, who intimately gets to know each and every one and who really knows that no two will ever be the same.  Each mould is adjusted, cushioned, softened just enough to help them to stay perfect, much the same as the job of the teacher.  With 24 different chocolates in each tray, no two days are ever the same!   Each child is a unique individual with his or her own natural strengths and preferences.  May we continue to develop each to their own potential and never lose sight of the journey that has begun, one of intrigue, learning and discovery.

Our Grade 1 and 2 boys joined the Prep school at the Ash Wednesday service.  We were so proud of their ability to sit and listen and the conversations that have carried on around the school have been so interesting.  Take time to talk to your boys about this celebration and the meaning of Lent.


Our boys swam in their final gala of the term on Thursday, representing the school admirably!  Thank you to those boys who have been dedicated members of the swimming squad this term.  You can all be very proud of all you have achieved!

Tuesday 14 March is our annual Open Day.  This year it will run from our new hall.  This is an invitation to all our prospective parents to come and have a chat and to see our school in action.  For further information, please contact nvanzyl@bishops.org.za

All afternoon sport ends on Friday 24 March.  Please remember to diarise Wednesday 29 March for our Fun Sports DayALL boys from Grade N - 2 wil be participating and we will end the evening of with a family picnic.   A mini tuck shop will be open to purchase some little goodies as well. 

10 March

Family Chapel Service, Memorial Chapel @ 08:30. All parents from Gr N - 2 are welcome. 

17 March

Prep PA Carnival

29 March

Pre Prep Fun Sports Day and Picnic

The first letter regarding the school play Narnia went out via email today.  We are so excited about this upcoming production.  More information will be sent out in the next few weeks.  For any enquiries, please speak to Mrs Swanichdswanich@bishops.org.za

Teachers will be contacting parents shortly about booking times for verbal feedback during the next few weeks.  Please be sure to find a suitable time to chat about how your son has settled in and to hear more about what he is learning in class.



"The Bishops Pre-prep and Prep Country Fair is on Friday, 17 March on the Prep's Stanmore Field.  Please support your class reps and buy access tickets and tokens from them.  Admission is R20.  Grade 7 Chill Lounge access armbands can be bought from your Grade 7 class rep or Kashiefa Kerven at reception at R20." 

All food requires cash payment

All games and entertainment require tokens


Term Dates 2018:

Term 1:  17 January - 28 March

Term 2:  16 April - 21 June

Term 3:  17 July - 28 September

Term 4:   9 October - 5 December (PP);  6 December (Prep);  7 December (College)


Lost property:

Zach Gordon-Davis (Gr R, Ms Stuart) has mislaid his drawstring schoolbag and his lunch bag.   Both are embroidered with his name.  He last had them at Aftercare.  Please could you check whether your son perhaps inadvertently brought any of these items home?


Iqsaan Salie Mark misplaced his wet bag with all contents on Tuesday afternoon after social swimming.   All items are marked however, the iron-on nametag in his swimming vest was loose and may have fallen off.

For further details please contact: crheeder@bishops.org.za

I appeal to all parents to respect the fact that ALL grades start at 08:00.  This extends from Grade N to Grade 2.  We expect the boys to be here on time and to have a valid excuse should this not happen.  Remember if boys are off sick, it is fine to notify the teacher via email.


I also appeal to parents to be mindful when packing lunch boxes.  Often they are full of things that could be avoided such as sugary cereal bars and sweet biscuits.  These are not recommended for school lunches and alternate options such as cheese, fruit, raw veg sticks, raisins, meatballs etc. are a far better choice.


School will close at 10:00 on Founders Day, Friday 17 March.  Aftercare will run as usual.  The Bishops Carnival will resume that afternoon at the Prep school field.

Yours sincerely,

Head of Pre-Prep

Bishops Pre-Preparatory School: Sandown Road, Rondebosch 7700 | Tel: +27 21 659 1037/47