3 February 2017

Dear  Parents


Apologies for the glitch with the newsletter last week.  We seem to have solved the problem.  If at any stage you do not receive the newsletter, it will be up on our website by Monday afternoon for you to access. 


Boys arriving between 07:00 and 07:30 can attend early care.  This is in the area of the hall/field.  One of our interns, Ms Lassen, Ms Meyer or Ms de Klerk will be there to supervise them.  You are free to drop them off and leave the boys with them.  Thank you to all those boys who are coming in on their own in the mornings.  By Grade 1 and 2, this should be standard procedure.  Boys know where to put their belongings and get themselves organised for the day.  Fridays are not a compulsory class visit day but simply an opportunity for you to pop in for a few minutes to see what they have done during the week.  It is not actually a 'stay and play' time.

We are growing our collection of deodorants to deliver to schools in need.   Please remember to drop your donation off in the boxes near your classrooms.  This is in lieu of a monetary donation for Valentine's Day civvies.


Any parents, who would like to help decorate the foyer for Valentine's Day, please meet in the foyer at 07.30 on Friday 10 Feb.  If you have anything that you would like to contribute or if you would perhaps like to pop in to find out what you can add, please feel free to do so. 

An early reminder for all Grade 1 and 2 boys and parents.  This year we have our biannual theatre production.  Please keep Saturdays open around July/ August for rehearsals.  Please stick to term dates for travelling purposes as we need the whole cast present.  All rehearsals are compulsory for all boys in Grade 1 and 2 as each boy takes part in the production.  You can look forward to a dazzling experience, seeing your little chaps on stage!  Further information to follow soon.

Yesterday our boys took part in their very first Gala of 2017, at Rondebosch.   What an exciting day for all and the swimmers can be very proud of their achievements.  Well done to all the boys who participated.


We look forward to an exciting athletics meeting later today at the Lutgensvale Fields.  For anyone who would like to come and cheer the runners on, please feel free to join us from 17:00 onwards.

7 February

Grade 2 Bee talk @ school

9 February

B league relay gala - selected swimmers

10 February

Incredible Dog Show @ school

10 February

Coffee Connections Pre Prep Hall @ 07:30

14 February

Valentine's Day - bring deodorant to donate

16 February

Prep PA AGM - Jagger Hall @ 18:00

17 March

Prep Carnival, Prep School, Fir Road, 16:00 - 22:00

How lovely to see the fun and games in the mornings before school.  Some parents seem to be brushing up on their bowling and batting skills too!  Please can we ask that Grade R parents stick to the area around the Grade R playground in the mornings and not use the equipment outside the Grade N rooms? The teachers are busy setting up for the day and it makes it far easier if no boys are around during this time.

It is always heart-warming to walk through the Grade N area during the day.  These little people are so busy, completely in their own world, "cooking" food, looking after "babies" riding scooters, building, digging, bouncing balls, drawing and so much more!  Just a little reminder, please make sure your boys have short haircuts.  Hair should not touch collars, ears or eyebrows.  Fashion cuts are also not permitted.


On a Tuesday morning, our school collects extra sandwiches to deliver to Athwood Primary.  Please will you help your son to add your contribution to the tray outside the classroom?  Many delicious sandwiches are left in school bags only to be discovered once our collection has gone.


Father Terry popped in to visit our Grade N boys this week.  He will get to meet them from time to time before taking them to the Chapel later in the year.


Thank you for respecting the outdoor and indoor area before 07.30 as well as after school.  As previously mentioned, teachers are busy before and after school setting up for the day and in the afternoons setting up for the next day.  They need to be able to work effectively without little people around.


Activities set up for the day will be done under the supervision of the teacher.  Please can we ask parents not to encourage their boys to start any art activities in the morning on arrival?  They are only introduced after the morning ring at 08:00 and need to be done under supervision. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

Please RSVP to the invitation you would have received to the opening of our new buildings.  Responses to gclayton@bishops.co.za and NOT to Nicky van Zyl.


Should you have any notices, envelopes or forms that need to be handed in at the office, kindly post them in the wooden letter box outside the Pre Prep Office window.  It is strongly advised that you enclose these in a sealed envelope with your name/son's name and grade clearly on the front.


Please note that Pizza orders have now closed.  The first delivery will be next Friday where the boys will enjoy their first feast.


There is a change of date for the St James Beach outing due to train restrictions.  Please consult the calendar on the website for the updated details.  A letter will be sent out closer to the date.

Please consult our website or contact crheeder@bishops.org.za to find out more or to sign up.

Please join us on Friday morning up at our new Pre Prep Hall for Coffee Connections.  Dr Claudia Gray is one of the very few subspecialist Paediatric Allergists in the country, and will be presenting on allergies in children and how we should be dealing with allergies in the school setting.  We will start at 07:30 and end around 08:00.  Come along, grab a cup of coffee and learn more about this very important topic that is affecting more and more children.


A reminder to all Parents lifting on outings, please do not feed the children you are lifting. Please do not buy treats or stop at shops on the way.  After outings, ALL boys need to come back to school to complete the school day.  Thank you for respecting these requests.


Lost Property: Connor Hirst in Mrs Grater's Gr 1 class has mislaid his wet bag.  It has been missing since last Wednesday the 25th January, after his class swimming lesson which takes place during school time at the Prep pool.  Could you kindly check whether your son may have inadvertently brought the bag home?


Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Head of Pre-Prep

Bishops Pre-Preparatory School: Sandown Road, Rondebosch 7700 | Tel: +27 21 659 1037/47