23 June 2017

Dear  Parents


As this term ends, we can look back at all that we have achieved, with excitement and pride.  Our boys have done so much and you have supported them along the way.  Next week is the final week of the school term.  Boys are please to wear khaki uniforms to school on Thursday, the last day of the term, as we will be attending the Family Chapel service at 9am.

The term planner for Term 3 will be available on our website after school closes on Thursday as well as you son's report via MyBishopsLife. Please remember to ensure that your access codes work. We have received new portraits for each boy and will be adding them shortly as well. Please send an email to portal@bishops.org.za should you experience any problems.

This afternoon we will be hosting our first internal tag tournament. This familiarises the boys with a match setting and helps them to embrace the concept of winning and losing. This is difficult for some children to understand and often takes some time to accept. All good lessons in life. We promote good sportsmanship and the ability to lose graciously and win proudly. Our next tournament will be at the end of the tag season when parents will be invited to join us for a family braai at Lutgensvale. More information about this to follow next term.

All afternoon sport has come to an end.  Next week there will still be morning soccer, gross motor as well as Loving Maths. 

26 June 2017

Gr 1 Outing to Planetarium

27 June 2017

Gr 1 Pirate Party

30 June 2017


Family chapel service @ 9am. All boys to wear khaki uniform with a school jersey.

School closes at 9.30am. Aftercare will run until 2pm

We are having a full stage placement for our school production on Thursday before the Chapel Assembly. It is a pity that so many boys who will not be here. Preparations are in full swing and you can look forward to a delightful show. Any further information needed, may be found on our school website.

                                                                                                  The Rohan Bloom Foundation

Please support this worthwhile event if you are able to.


“Your 2017 school photos (individual portraits and class photos) are available from That’s Me Photography. Please visit www.thatsme.co.za to register, view and purchase your photos. Sports teams and cultural groups, as well as any absentees will be photographed later in the year and you will be notified when those photos are available.”

Aftercare will run as usual until 5pm Monday - Wednesday and until 2pm on Thursday next week.   Please contact crheeder@bishops or nmaged@bishops.org.za for further information.

Lost Property:  Sean Watson (Gr1V) mislaid his new trackpants a few weeks ago.  He thought he was placing them in his bag but may have inadvertently placed them in someone else's bag.  They are very clearly marked with a "sew-in" label.  Please could you check to see whether you may inadvertently have them at your home.


After the Chapel service on Thursday, boys will remain seated in the Chapel while parents leave.  You may then pick your boys up from the side Chapel entrance, where the teachers will allow the boys to leave with you.  All boys not collected directly after Chapel, will come back to school to be collected here or go to aftercare. 


To all our Muslim parents and friends, we wish you well over Eid - and a wonderful weekend to everyone.

Yours sincerely,

Head of Pre-Prep

Bishops Pre-Preparatory School: Sandown Road, Rondebosch 7700 | Tel: +27 21 659 1037/47