20 October 2017

Dear Parents


With hardly six weeks until the end of the term, we are forced to look at 2018 and plan for this exciting time.  We will be saying goodbye to some boys who move over to the Prep and welcoming some new little chaps to the Pre-Prep.

Our Grade 1 boys had a fantastic outing to Rosen Castle this week.  This is a very exciting experience as all the boys get to explore and discover various occupations.  They are also getting ready for their Grade 1 Trading Day which is always a fabulous morning.  Some of our Grade 2 boys went across to meet the Grade 3 boys who gave them some sound advice about what school is like on the Prep side.

All afternoon sport has started.  May I remind all parents that privately-run sports such as Judo, Golf, Tennis, Playball and ClayStation all need to be signed up with the relevant coach, via the application form on the website.  They will not be included in the groups until contact has been made with the relevant coach and they have a record of your name on their list.  Other school based sports such as cricket, swimming, chess, extra lessons and art club are all signed up via the google doc sent out to you last term.  There are different sport options for the winter and summer terms and therefore the necessity to sign up again for your sport choices!


Some of our athletes will be participating in the Rhenish Athletics meeting next week.  We wish all those boys selected, all the best for their races.

26 October

Gr 1 Trading Day.

A League Gala @ Bishops (selected swimmers).

Rhenish Athletics (selected athletes).

27 October @ 07:30

Coffee Connections Pre-Prep School Hall.  Prep Staff available to answer any questions around the Prep

28 November @ 07:30

Gr 3 Induction Prep School for all current Gr 2 boys.  Details to follow.

The Grade 2 boys have an exciting dads and sons camp coming up in the middle of November.   Please get your tents and camping equipment ready.  If you are unable to make the campout, please arrange for your son to camp with a friend so they do not have to miss this fun-filled night.  More information will follow soon, however please diarise this date in the meantime.  The boys (and dads) really enjoy this event.  Please know that this is a special time dedicated only to grade 2 boys together with their dads/ uncle/grandad, and not for other siblings older or younger.

Next Friday we host our first Coffee Connections this term in our hall @ 7.30am.  Mr Groom, Mr Riches, Mr Brown, Mrs Harrrod and Mrs McDonald will be there for an information/question and answer session regarding the Prep school.  This will possibly be of most interest to our present Grade 2 parents of boys going over to Grade 3 next year.


Recycling:  Please may we ask you to bring any old yogurt/ice cream or any other plastic containers to school.  Empty toilet rolls and roller towel holders will also be very welcome.

For any queries please contact Catherine Rheeder on

Aftercare Phone Number:  021 669 1003

Wynand van Zyl (Gr 1 Meredith) left his school umbrella on a table just outside his classroom on Monday but unfortunately it has disappeared.  The umbrella has his name on a sticker stuck to the handle.  Please could you check whether your son has perhaps inadvertently brought it home.


Wishing you all a lovely, restful weekend with your family.

Yours sincerely,

Head of Pre-Prep

Bishops Pre-Preparatory School: Sandown Road, Rondebosch 7700 | Tel: +27 21 659 1037/47