10 February 2017

Dear  Parents


The first day at school photos will be available online during the course of next week. Once 'That’s me' Photography has launched their new website, you will receive emailed instructions on how to access the photos.


We had a wonderful morning outside watching the Incredible Dog Show. What an amazing display of mutual love and respect between humans and dogs. Our boys were inspired and mesmerised by the beauty and grace of the animals. If you find your son trying to train your dog this weekend, you know why!


Thank you to all those who attended our Coffee Connections this morning. Dr Claudia Grey was amazing and we look forward to inviting her back again soon. She will address the staff on Monday on the same topic.

We had the most exciting athletics meeting at Lutgensvale last Friday evening where some of our boys ran in very exciting races. Well done to those boys who won trophies, we are extremely proud of your achievements and look forward to watching the rest of the upcoming meetings on 15 and 28 February. Boys selected to run in these meets have been notified by Ms Merrick.


Some of our boys swam in the relay gala at SACS yesterday.  Well done to all the swimmers who continue to make Bishops very proud!  Your efforts in training are all starting to show and we are extremely proud of you all.

Bishops Prep Parents Association are holding their AGM on Thursday 16 February at 18:00. This includes Pre Prep parents. We ask that each family is represented. In this way, we can work towards a strong PA to support the school.


Our prayer group is growing and we are delighted with our new members. We meet once a week, on a Thursday morning at 07:30 in our new Library. Enquiries to jwoolls@bishops.org.za


Thank you to those parents who went along to Athwood Primary to drop off our sandwiches on Tuesday. If anyone else is interested, please contact Nisreen Abrahams nabrahams@sovereignsa.co.za to offer your help. Sandwiches are collected every Tuesday morning to deliver later that morning. Please feel free to send as many as you are able.

Boys need to have the correct kit for sport. Please help them to get organised and to remember to bring their clothing on appropriate days. Sunblock is an important addition to a summer sports bag. Please encourage boys to apply it before sport. Water is another important addition. Hats must be worn daily when outdoors in both winter and summer.

14 February

Valentine's Day - Civvies Day for all boys.

15 February

Bishops Quadrangular @ 17:00 - selected runners only

16 February

Prep PA, Jagger Hall @ 18:00

17 March

Prep Carnival, Fir Road. 16:00 - 22:00

These boys have learnt so much in their short time at Bishops. Well done on an exceptional bunch of boys on their fabulous progress. What a pleasure to walk around and see their thirst for knowledge and excitement to learn. I have no doubt that your little boys will remind you to be "water wise" in this drought we face.


If there is anyone in the catering business, we are looking for nice big empty tins. We would appreciate them without any sharp points if possible. We also have a request for any offcuts of wood please for our woodwork bench.

If you have not yet done so, please send a family photograph along to school to add to the "My Family" notice board. The boys are so proud of their pictures when they are displayed. Thank you to those parents who are giving the teachers the opportunity to pack out before 07.30.  Our request has been that boys only be brought to the classes after 07.30 - before that, they can spend time with the early morning care on the field outside the hall.

Boys will be allowed to come to school dressed in red and white (jeans are acceptable too) on Valentine’s Day. Please remember to chat to your son about the importance of giving love to others and the way we are doing this, is by supporting other learners who have less than us. Giving back is a large part of our life skills programme and this act of giving opens conversations between you and your son about such issues. Thank you to those who have already sent some deodorants and others who have kindly supported our old satchel/bag initiative. You would have noticed all the beautiful decorations around the school to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Tuesday. Thank you to all the mums who came to help this morning. The school looks fabulous!

Aftercare now have lovely hooks on which to hang their bags. Please check that all bags have been taken when leaving aftercare. Shoes are to be worn when leaving the school after school, after sport and when leaving aftercare.

Raadi Rinquest in Ms Stuart's Gr N class has mislaid his school jersey. Please could you kindly check whether your son may have inadvertently brought it home?


Although lost property is in the hall, it is not really intended for parents to look for any lost property. We would prefer it to be the responsibility of the boys themselves to go and look for lost items in the basket. Please encourage your son to look for himself or write a note in the homework diary so that the teacher can send him up to remind him to look for items he may have mislaid or left behind. 


Please remember that the Grade 1 St James Beach outing has been rescheduled.


Wishing you a fabulous weekend.  Some wise words to end of this week:  A vision is where you are going, a plan is how you get there.  May you have many moments in which to plan!

Yours sincerely,

Head of Pre-Prep

Bishops Pre-Preparatory School: Sandown Road, Rondebosch 7700 | Tel: +27 21 659 1037/47